Hello [Tutor], I’m just contacting you to let you know that my chemistry exam went very well. I got a mark of 93% on the exam, which left my final class mark at 94%, which I am very proud of! So again, I just wanted to say thank you for all of the knowledge you were able to pass on to me and all the help you were able to supply me with. I know for a fact that my success in Chemistry was heavily impacted by your great ability to teach me. Thanks again,

-W G


Thank you for helping [my son] last night and taking the extra time with him. He was hesitant at first as one would be meeting someone new, but when he got home last night he was beaming.

-W P


[The tutor] has been a blessing for my 11 year old son.
[My son] needed help with his reading and writing skills in primary school.
[The tutor] was able to establish a bond and earn [my son]’s trust quickly.
[The tutor] allowed my son to be himself accepting his unique learning style.
[My son] never complained once about attending lessons with [The tutor].
[The tutor] also encouraged my son to present any homework assignments he was having difficulty with.
Parental Instruction at the end of every lesson was given by [The tutor], and guidance for school work.
Reasonable rates are expected and Compassion given when we were unable to attend a lesson.
After a two year run, [my son] has been able to bring his reading and writing skills from D’s to A’s and B’s. As a mother I’m extremely pleased!!

-C D


“My tutor prepared me well for my final 4U Physics examination.  I recognised every type of problem on the exam and I was able to solve them all !”  Jake (Grade 12)